Miami, FL-The 2022 Combate Global season delivered monumental knockouts, but a few stood out, which caught the attention of the sport’s world.  

We look at some of the top knockout of this year.  

David Martinez defeated Arturo Vergara. May 29, 2022.  

The current bantamweight champion fought for the first time this year; however, his title was not on the line for this bout. Yet, he needed only 2:08 to put an end to newcomer Vergara, who called out the champion on social media.  

Going into the fight, Martinez did not engage in the smack talk and let his action speak for himself. Martinez would go on to also defend his title successfully against Axel Osuna in September winning by technical knockout in the fourth round.  

Moses Diaz defeated Carlos Cordoba Fonseca. June 3, 2022.  

Diaz needed only six seconds of action to knockout Cordoba that’s probably a lot less time than it took you to read this line.  

The MMA Lab fighter proved he is a force to be wrecking with and that the six second knockout was not all he got. In October, Diaz defeated Juan Porto by way of unanimous decision.  

Rosselyn Chavira defeated Flor Chavez. August 12, 2022.  

Her jaula debut was missing much action, so Chavira needed to step up and show a better performance. Chavez, who had an incredible debut, was met with a roadblock as she was dominated by la Chula. 

However, it was a foot injury that didn’t allow Chavez to proceed to the second round forcing the referee to call the fight.  

It was Chavira’s only fight in 2022.  

Aitana Alvarez defeated Tyler Schaefer. August 12.  

In what seemed like a defeat for Alvarez, she managed to pull off the victory at 3:41 in the second round.  

Schaefer was ahead in the cards out striking the Spaniard, however, in the second chapter of the fight the American got caught and pinned to la jaula where Alvarez landed a flurry of shots making it impossible to escape.  

The referee warned Schaefer that if she didn’t defend herself, he would stop the fight and rightfully so earning a victory for Alvarez. 

Ovidio Bojorquez defeated Matthew Colquhoun. September 24, 2022.  

Bojorquez has one of the highlights of this year knocking out the experience Colquhoun by way of flying knee in the first round at 1:42.  

Although not much experience as a professional, Bojorquez didn’t need jaula time to prove he is someone to keep an eye in 2023.