Miami, FL- Combate Global’s bantamweight champion David Martinez proved why he holds the crown in his division.

Martinez fought Chile’s Arturo Vergara in the main event of CG2022 May 29: Martinez vs Vergara. The champion defeated his opponent by way of TKO at 2:07 in the first round. The title was not on the line.

David martinez vs arturo vergara 267

Originally, Martinez was scheduled to defend his title against on Copa Combate 2021’s winner Frans Mlambo, but he pulled out from the fight due to an injury.

Vergara took the fight on week’s notice after a nine second flying knee victory earlier this month.

Right from the start, a determined Martinez walked inside la jaula. Both men exchanged throwing hands and kicks. The Mexican found a gap landed a heavy hand, which took Vergara to the canvass. He gained his composure, but Martinez nailed him with a series of shots, which took Vergara to the canvass again. Martinez landed several shots continuously that forced the referee to stop the fight.

Jade Jorand vs Marina Pichel

France’s Jade Jorand obtained her first mixed martial arts victory inside la jaula defeating Marina Pichel by way of majority decision.

Both women exchanged right from the start displaying both of their kickboxing background.

In the first round, Jorand inadvertently kicked her opponent in the groin area, while attempting a low inside kick. It was a constant back-and-forth.

In the second round, again Jorand hit Pichel in the groin this time with a knee from clinch position. The referee deducted a point from her.

Chris Boasso vs Tino Gilarenz

Third time is the charm for Tino Gilarenz, who obtained his first victory inside la jaula defeating Chris Boasso by way of TKO in the first round at 1:26.

The first round’s pace started slow, but quickly picked up. In the exchange, Gilarenz took Boasso to the canvass and placed him right next to the fence trapping him. The Spaniard landed a flurry of punches busting open Boasso. After countless of shots and no reaction from Boasso, the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Other Results:

Jacklyn MacLean (2-1) defeated Bianca Medina (0-1) by way of TKO in the second round at 3:39.

Justin Vasquez (8-2) defeated Mauricio Cubillo (10-6) by way of unanimous decision.

Alan Cantu (10-8) defeated Pierre Daguzan 6-7) by way of TKO in the first round at 1:49.

Tino Gilaranz (4-2) defeated Chris Boasso (3-3) by way of TKO at 1:26 in the first round.

Jade Jorand (1-2) defeated Marina Pichel (0-1) by majority decision.

David Martinez (7-1) defeated Arturo Vergara (2-1) by TKO at 2:07 in the first round.