Miami, FL– Mexico’s Ernesto Ibarra (8-1) confirmed he is a well-rounded fighter with a win over jiu jitsu practitioner Martin Davila (7-2) in Saturday’s CG 2023 April 8: Ibarra vs Davila main event.

Also, Spain’s Silva Juaneda (3-1) came back from behind to defeat Quinn Williams (0-1) in a featured women’s fight by way of rear naked choke submission in the second round at 1:03.

Plus, Carlos “Chacal” Reyes (4-3) defeated Rodrigo Garcia (3-4) by way of unanimous decision.

Ibarra vs Davila  

In the first round, the Peruvian struck hard with several combinations putting a break of Ibarra’s fast pace style of fighting. He later took him to the ground where he attempted to finish off the fight by way of ground-and-pound landing vicious elbows and hammer fists.

But, it was in the second and third round where Ibarra turned up his fighting game making it nearly impossible for Davila to get him to the ground. Ibarra was precise with this stand up takedown defense.

Ibarra was picking and choosing where he wanted to strike leaving Davila wondering.

However, after the fight, Davila disclosed that he suffered a broken hand after the first round.

Juaneda vs Williams  

Juaneda was scheduled to fight Lucero “La Loba” Acosta, but an injury cancelled the fight. Williams, who made her professional deubt, took the fight less than ten days and stepped in to fight the Spaniard.

In the first round, it seemed like the young fighter had competed in the professional level showing confidence wrestling Juaneda and having full control of the first round. In fact, Juaneda nearly got submitted.

But in the second round, Juaneda changed up her strategy. She exchanged combinations. The fight went to the ground where she submitted Williams by way of rear naked choke. Even Juaneda was shocked by the win.

After the fight, Juaneda said she was proud of the victory but said she wants the fight with Acosta sometime this year.

Garcia vs Reyes 

In the opening episode of the fight, both fighters started off feeling each other’s skills. Both men exchanged, but at the end of the round Reyes was left with a cut.

However, in the last two chapters Reyes took advantage of Garcia’s drop in energy. Reyes was the one who put pressure on his opponent.

Reyes took the win by way of unanimous decision.

CG 2023 April 8: Ibarra vs Davila  

Nadine Abbot defeated Jharely Reyes by way of arm bar in the first round at 2:28.

Perry Montano defeated Ivan Castillo by way of unanimous decision.

Silva Juaneda defeated Quinn Williams by rear naked choke in the second round at 1:03.

Ernesto Ibarra defeated Martin Davila by way of unanimous decision.

Carlos Reyes defeated Rodrigo Garcia by way of unanimous decision.