In an interview for the Zona Combate program, the BFM Champion Jorge Masvidal talked about Combate Americas and analyzed the spotlight that the company gives to Latino fighters around the world.

“I love Combate Americas, I am a Latino, I have fought my whole life and I have never seen a promotion get behind Latino Fighters,” said Masvidal. “I have fought in many promotions that no longer exist, and none of them really got behind Latino fighters and it was because back then the public wasn’t educated in the sport.”

The #3 ranked Welterweight fighter in the world, reiterated the effort made by Latinos to reach the top and the importance of the public support.

“For me, it took a long time for me to get to where I am, I had to break a lot of heads because the audience didn’t get together, now my Latino fans are all one,” said the fighter of Cuban decent.

For Masvidal, the next big Latino superstar in MMA is going to emerge from a promotion like Combate Americas.

“Just as they support me, they have to support the next guy without a doubt and this promotion paves the way to find the next me or Yoel Romero,” explained Masvidal. “I think he’s going to come out of a promotion that is strong with the Latino community, pushing them forward.”

Jorge Masvidal was at the Combate Americas English broadcast table during the event ‘Tito vs Alberto – What side are you on,’ held on Saturday, December 7, in McAllen, Texas.