Miami, FLJustin “Slick J” Vazquez (10-2) got the world’s attention after connecting a devastating knee in the first round at 3:24 to defeat Mexico’s Alejandro Gavidia (4-3).

Vazquez increased his winning streak to five after defeating his opponent in incredible fashion on Saturday’s CG 2023 March 11: Vazquez vs Gavidia main event.

Right from the start, Gavidia, a multiple jiu jitsu champion in Mexico, searched for ways to bring down Vasquez which he had some success.

Midway through the first round, the referee stood both fighters after not seeing much action. Vazquez didn’t waste anytime and timely ran to connect with a double switch knee knocking out Gaividia instantly.

Vazquez is now undefeated inside la jaula most recently defeating Jair Perez in August.

After that spectacular display of athleticism, the world is talking about Vazquez and will catapult him in the rankings for a potential shot at gold.

In the co-main event, France’s Jade Jorand (2-2) kept her crown defeating Spain’s Irene Cabello (9-7).

Jorand controlled nearly the entire fight and unlike other competitions, she did well on the ground landing hammer fists and transitioned when she feared a submission was near.

At times, Jorand would go into a fury of punches that Cabello just couldn’t find a way out of.

With family in attendance, Jorand hoisted her flag proudly defeating Cabello by way of unanimous decision.

Also, Ismael “Kraken” Zamora defeated Ramon “Wild Boy” Vizcarra by way of unanimous decision.

Zamora was coming off a defeat back in October, but he earned a victory alter fixing some of his fight game having success in the ground game.

Vizcarra, known for his jiu jitsu game, just couldn’t find the right opportunity to land a submission.

In fact, at one point, Zamora had a chance to hold on to a rear naked choke, but the Kraken took the win by way of unanimous decision.

CG 2023 March 11: Vazquez vs Gavidia

Alex Gonzalez defeated Mauricio Cubillo by way of unanimous decision.

Gaston Manzur defeated Chris Ocon by way of split decision.

Jade Jorand defeated Irene Cabello by way of unanimous decision.

Justin Vazquez defeated Alejandro Gavidia by way of knockout at 3:24 in the first round.

Ismael “Kraken” Zamora defeated Ramon Vizcarra by way of unanimous decision.