Miami, FL- Landry Ward (5-0) continued his undefeated streak, as the experienced Colombian Dumar Roa (16-11) was no match for the Texan in the main event for CG2021 October 15.

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Landry ward vs dumar roa 1599

Ward defeated Roa by way of unanimous decision. For the most part, Ward had control of the fight. He predicted a first or second round finish, however, Roa came prepared for competition.

Roa did not underestimate his foe and was strategic with his game plan. As Ward would come inside and lay combinations, Roa was quick on his hands to counter attack preventing Ward to finish the fight early. Ward did lay knees but it wasn’t enough to put the lion heart to sleep.

It was the first time Ward fought at 145-pounds. He performed effectively in this weight class, who he says will be his division from now on.

As for Roa, this would be his third consecutive loss this year.

Diana mendoza vs stephanie irurzo 366

In the co-main event, Mexico’s Stephanie Irurzo’s (0-3-1) game plan of going to the ground was non-existent as Diana Mendoza (2-0) continued to remain undefeated. Mendoza defeated Irurzo by unanimous decision.

Mendoza pushed the pace and Irurzo smelled it. As Mendoza rushed in with throwing an over hand right, Irurzo looked for the knockout with the knee. But Mendoza was prepared.

In fact, toward the middle of the fight, Mendoza used the over hand right to throw off Irurzo and searched for a single leg takedown.

Other than a few jabs and knees by Irurzo, Mendoza controlled the fight.

Luis gomez vs michael garcia 106

The first fight of the main card delivered a new and improved Luis Gomez (9-5) who defeated Michael Garcia (5-3) by unanimous decision.

Gomez is known for his striking as he showcased it in April in a four men tournament. However, he did his homework on Garcia, a decorated wrestler.

The Cuban displayed a wrestling clinic controlling Garcia throughout the fight leaving the Idaho fighter puzzled.

Prior to his fight, Gomez stated he had been working on his jiu jitsu and wrestler and it showed. He was confident going for takedowns and searching for submissions.

In the last round, Garcia changed the game plan and moved around to prevent Gomez from shooting in, but it was too little, too late.

Other Results:

Adrian Garcia defeated Luis Bojorquez by unanimous decision.

Antonio Noda defeated Luis Navarro by was of split decision.