After suffering a devastating injury during the co-main event of CG2022 April 8: Diaz vs Marconetto, Mexico’s Irlanda Galindo is recovering and has declared a rematch against her opponent Anna Somers.

The atomweights competed last night in Miami, Fl. Somers attempted a triangle choke with just under a minute remaining in the first round. However, Somers decided to change gears and trapped the arm and went for the kimura. Unfortunately, Galindo’s arm snapped as it bent the wrong way.

But, Galindo is a true warrior. From her hospital bed,  she took to Instagram live to address her fans.

“Everything is good. I am ok,” she said in Spanish the morning after the fight.

She added,” I am ok for those who were writing to me last night. I didn’t reply because I wanted to rest. I saw my fight. I noticed my errors. I did not feel the submission. I couldn’t defend it. I am ok. I felt I was well in the fight. I let go of my hands and I had good takedowns. I made a technical error. It happens.

Galindo added that her bone was aligned to ease the pain. She is set for an operation Monday and will remain in Miami a few days for recovery.

The 18-year-old, who is humbled by the support, made it clear that she will return to la jaula.

“When I recover, I want the rematch,” she said.

Soon after her recovering, she plans to get back in the gym to make her triumphant return.