1.  Who was your toughest victory against in MMA and what made the win so challenging?
Answer: I’d say my toughest victory so far would be my 1st fight with Combate Americas. It was my 3rd pro fight against Jose Aguayo at 145lbs, a weight class higher than my usual. It was the most challenging for a couple of reasons. Number 1, it was such a short notice fight that I only had 12 days notice, and 2, he was just flat out tough so I put on a great show for the fans and fought until that very last bell rang.


  1. 2. Jose Aguayo proved to be very durable opponent.  You dropped him with left hook and unloaded a series of hard strikes in round one. What goes through your mind when an opponent takes that many significant strikes and comes back fresh in the next round and puts up a fight?
Answer: He was durable, but I just wasn’t being as cold and calculated as I’m capable of. When someone comes out ready to fight after taking so many shots I’m thinking, we got ourselves a proper fight, because I’m ready to throw as many shots as they can take. By the end of it we easily had a fight of the year candidate.
  1. 3. What was your gameplan going in?
Answer: It’s safe to say at this point that my game-plan was and always is to score a knockout anyway I can whether it’s a 1 shot knockout or a 4 piece combination. I fight for the fans because the fans are who really matter.
  1. 4. Final thoughts on the fight?
Answer: The fact that I took this fight on 12 days notice and Aguayo being durable is what made this a huge fan favorite fight. I made mistakes I just flat out don’t make with a full camp but it worked out for the fans so I’m happy about that. I can’t wait to put on more exciting shows for the Combate America’s fans.
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