Miami, FLRoberto Romero (7-3-1) put the breaks on Slick J Justin Vazquez (10-3) defeating the man who knocked out his previous opponent by a flying knee heard around the world.

The Mexican defeated Vazquez by way of unanimous decision in the main event of CG 2023: El Showdown Sunday, where Mexican and American fighters competed for bragging rights.

Also, Ismael Zamora (7-2) put an end to Adam Ortiz’s (5-1) undefeated record defeating him by unanimous decision and Naomi Young (1-1) put a quick finish to Dulce Vazquez’s (0-1) professional debut submitting her at 1:46 of the first round.

Romero vs Vazquez

Romero, a striker, adjusted his game plan derailing Vazquez off his tracks forcing his foe to clinch, which allowed little from the Miamian to display his creativity as a fighter.

Right from the start, Vazquez opened up with spinning back kicks, striking and quickly Romero moved it to pin him to la jail from clinch position.

The first and second rounds were identical. Some fans in attendance weren’t welcoming to Romero’s game plan as they asked for more action from the standup.

Right before the bell rang in the third round, Vazquez was down two rounds. His corner advised him only way to win was by knockout.

A desperate Vazquez moved quickly and attempted flying knees and spinning elbows but Romero timed it well to force him to clinch and later taking the fight to the ground.

A jubilant Romero celebrated his victory inside la jaula with his mother.

Zamora vs Ortiz

In the first round, Ortiz didn’t waste anytime in stopping Zamora’s striking going for the takedown.

He would earn the first round, but in the second chapter of the fight exhaustion starting kicking in and that’s when Zamora worked his boxing expertise connecting several combinations and working the body.

In the third round, Zamora continued his offensive weaponry. Ortiz couldn’t over come it and at one point felt Zamora’s power as he hit the canvass after taking a punch to the face.

Zamora took the win by unanimous decision.

Young vs Vazquez

Vazquez professional debut was short lived as it took less than two minutes for Young to submit the young fighter with an arm triangle choke.

After the fight, Young stated she was confident the fight would come to an end in the first round. Rightfully so, Young picked up her first professional win.

In the end, USA came out on top with 3-2.

 CG 2023 July 16: El Showdown
Rick Zelada defeated Miguel Gonzalez by split decision.
Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc defeated Elizabeth Avila by split decision.
Naomi Young defeated Dulce Vazquez by submission at 1:46 in the first round.
Roberto Romero defeated Justin Vazquez by unanimous decision.
Ismael Zamora defeated Adam Ortiz by unanimous decision.