Miami, FL -Combate Global’s 2021 was one for the ages with 30 shows, record breaking ratings and numerous fights delivering Mucho Much Accion (MMA).

But there were certain fights that had the world of mixed martial arts buzzing. All fights are available on demand on Paramount Plus.

Roberto romero hernandez vs zedekiah montanez 928

It is no surprise at the top of the list for this year’s top scrap is Combate Global’s fight of the year featuring Roberto Romero Hernandez vs Zedekiah Montanez in a battle.

The fight ended in a majority draw and fans are itching for 2022 well perhaps we should see a potential rematch between these two warriors.

Pennsylvania’s Montanez, who had not competed since 2019, came out swinging throwing heavy kicks, hooks and hard straight hands, but Hernandez, who has two stoppage victories this year, countered with combinations.

Unfortunately, Hernandez was deducted a point after landing two knees to the groin area in the first round.

Both in the second and third round were mirror images as both fighters continued a flurry of exchanges that echoed the building.

At one point, both fighters stood right in front of each other and kept exchanging continuously which made for an exciting fight, but a decision left to the judges.

Another fight to binge watch is the finals fight between rising star Cristian “Puas” Perez vs Enrique Gonzalez.

Gonzalez defeated all his opponents by way of unanimous decision which include Jim Alers in the quarter finals, Samuel Alvarez in the semi finals and Perez in the finals.

Going into the tournament, Perez was a heavy favorite having the defeated the majority of his foes by way of submission in the first round.  However, Gonzalez had a strong game plane from the start.

Throughout the fight, Gonzalez had full ground control. Perez’s jiu jitsu did not exist as Gonzalez shut the door on his opponent landing hammer fists and out striking him.

Another bout to enjoy, is this year’s Copa Combate final were Ireland’s Frans Mlambo.

The Irishman took home $100,000 and won Copa Combate by way of decision.

Right from the start, the charismatic Mlambo, who has served as a sparring partner for Conor McGregor, landed clean shots. But Cordero, who wore a poker face throughout the tournament, wasn’t shy about exchanging with his foe.

The fight later went to the ground, but Cordero nearly got caught in a guillotine choke, but was able to escape and proceed to the second round.

The second round was a near mirror image of the first episode. Cordero took Mlambo down and was to get his opponent’s back. However, the result Cordero searched for didn’t come to life.

In the last round, the emotion continued and both men laid it all in la jaula trading heavy shots throughout the final chapter of the fight. However, Mlambo connected the most shots compared to his opponent.

In an honorable mention, Ireland’s Patrick Lehane went into a war against Isaac Ruelas. Lehane won by split decision.

Lehane attempted a spinning back elbow on a couple of occasion, however, I did not connect. Ruelas put the breaks on Lehane footwork not allowing him to use the angle movements. However, both men mirrored each other land a flurry of kicks and punches making this fight one of the must watch battles of 2021.