Miami, FL- All fighters hit the weight scale prior to Friday’s fight card CG 2022 July 29, 2022 Chavez vs Perez.

Also, the main event will feature a fight at 135 lbs between Luis Fernando Chavez (2-0) vs Cuba’s Enzo Perez (2-1) and the co-main event will feature Ismael Zamora (3-1) vs Cristian Barraza (8-5) in a 135-pound fight.

In addition, Marcos Lloreda (11-7) will battle Collin Lubberts (5-1) at 170 lbs.

Below are the weigh-in results:

Cristian Barraza (136 lbs) vs Ismael Zamora ( 135 lbs)

Enzo Perez (134.8 lbs) vs Luis Fernando Chavez (135 lbs)

Collins Luberts (168.8 lbs) vs Marcos Lloreda (170.6 lbs)

Ulysses Molina (135.6 lbs) vs Ramon Vizcarra (137.2 lbs)