We’re all doing our part to stop the Coronavirus and staying home, but that doesn’t mean your workout has to suffer.

Here are our fighters favorite at-home workouts.

Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing is a great exercise to do at home. You don’t need a partner to do this exercise, so it can be done whenever.

Shadow Boxing consists of hitting the air, imagining that there is an opponent. (The name Shadow Boxing comes from the idea of trying to hit your shadow on the wall).

This exercise will improve your pace and movement, foot play, improve your technique and burn calories.

This exercise is also recommended as a warm-up before any training session, as it is an effective way to prepare your muscles for other activity.

Jump Rope

Jump Rope is great for cardio, and improves your fitness, bone health and coordination.

You can start with 10 sets of 20 jumps, resting a minute between each exercise, then adding another round or number of repetitions.

Run one, two- or three-minute sessions, and try to increase the intensity of your jumps in each series.

Adding jumping rope to your workouts will help you to be faster, burn calories and tone the body.


Push-ups are a classic exercise for a reason.  They will help you increase muscle strength and endurance.

You can make them more challenging if you want, by adding elastic bands or any heavy material.

You can start with three sets of 10-15 repetitions and increase the number over time, depending on how you feel.

Doing this exercise on a regular basis will work much of your body (chest, triceps, deltoids, core), also allows an increase of the metabolic rate and contributes values to the density of bone mass.